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Guillermo Bordarampe / From the Artist himself


Growing up in Argentina during the 60's and being part of a popular rock band, such as Arco Iris, gave me a very distinct look on life and music. Tango was a part of you whether you liked it or not, as well as Argentine folk music. Although when The Beatles came out in the 60's we were literally blown off our feet by their music, triggering all the bands I played with, along with Gustavo Santaolalla and Ara Tokatlian, which resulted in Arco Iris in 1969, those early influences stayed with me in a dormant way.


We explored some of the Argentine folk music with Arco Iris, but it wasn't until 1981, when I formed my own group, INCA, the Peruvian Ensemble that I delved into the Andean and South American ethnic music in depth. After performing, touring and recording with INCA for several years, I decided it was time to open the doors to my own inspiration.


I included three of my own songs in INCA's last CD, danzante, and then I decided to record Ultimo Mate. Mate is a very popular herbal drink in the South America, particularly, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Chile. It gives you a good jolt when you need it the most, in the morning, just like coffee. Mate is associated with a lot of family and friend's experiences, it's part of your daily life in those countries. After 22 years of living in Los Angeles, CA, I still have my Mate fix every morning, and it's always at arm's length at the recording studio. That's why you'll notice a heavy Mate theme in this album.


Ultimo Mate is Pop, Rock, Tango, Andean, Latin and more. A true world sound, but with a distinct Argentine and South American flavor. Hope you'll enjoy the experience! About the Artist: Guillermo Bordarampé is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was a member of ARCO IRIS, one of the pioneers of Rock en Espaol in Argentina in the late 60's and 70's. With ARCO IRIS he recorded 13 albums, before coming to the U.S. in 1977.


Once in the States, he founded a non-profit Peruvian ethnic ensemble named: INCA, the Peruvian Ensemble. With INCA he produced and recorded 6 CDs and tours the western states, besides providing a lot of educational services with support from grants from the California Arts Council. the NEA, the L.A. County Arts Commission and the City of L.A. Cultural Affairs Department.


Guillermo released two solo albums, "Ultimo Mate", in 1997, and "Espacios", with his long time friend from their Arco Iris days Ara Tokatlian, in 2013.  They are working on a new CD.

Guillermo also recently completed composing and recording the soundtrack for a full feature film, "Sebastian", directed by Carlos Ciurlizza.

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