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Silvelake Los Angeles CA
Tel: (323) 662-0074


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Information About the Company


Del Mate Productions is a production company and recording studio, as well as booking agents for the artists featured on this site.


For booking and /or studio reservation contact:


Guillermo Bordarampe

Del Mate productions

P.O.Box 39813,

Los Angeles, CA  90039, USA


fax: 323-662-1941




Julio Montero: Solo and ensemble presentations, concerts, workshops and lecture-demonstrations. Exciting Latin American music performed on Latin American Harp. Presentations can be tailored to any occassion, theater concerts, corporate events, hotels, museums, private parties, etc.


INCA, the Peruvian Ensemble: Music and dances from Peru, featuring all the styles found in this South American country.

Music & dances from the native Incas, the Hispanics of the coastal areas (Criollo), the Blacks from the southern coast (Afro-Peruvian) and the natives of the Bolivian and Peruvian Amazon jungle. INCA performs with groups as small as three musicians and as large as eight musicians and 12 dancers, depending on the the presenters' needs.


Cumbeley: Exciting Cumbias and Vallenatos from Colombia performed by this great Colombian bandled by pianist, singer and composer, Joe Cumbe. Good for all occasions in which the audience is ready for a good old dance time!


Ulises Pineda: Music from South America with a twist. Ulises is a master Quena and Zampoña performer. Ulises' interpretations are soulful and delightful. Ulises performs with ensembles ranging from two to six musicians, performing pieces from all over the Latin world.


Antonio Flores/Andes Trance: Music from the Altiplano (Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Chile) fused with contemporary dance rhythms. Excellent for private parties, outdoor events, festivals and when people are in need of a good time. Lots of FUN!

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