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Welcome to del Mate Productions!


"Del Mate Productions" is a production company, recording studio and new independent label.  At "del Mate Productions" we're trying to give talented new artists a chance to get their work published and released, so you can have access to some exciting and distinct new sounds. With all the new technology available, all the barriers of music styles are coming down. Now we can produce and record music that includes a myriad of world influences that only fifteen years ago were unheard of. This opens doors for musicians to express their creativity in new, intriguing, haunting and exciting ways. Del Mate Productions wants to bring some of these new creations to you.


"Espacios" and "Ultimo Mate" solo albums of Argentine rock star, Guillermo Bordarampé are two of the titles released on Del Mate Productions. INCA's recordings, "INCA, the Peruvian Ensemble", "Vientos del Sur", "Danzante", "Que siga la farra", and "El sueño de Tilopa" are available too.


"Guayabo Nostálgico", the first album of "Cumbeley", the band of Colombian composer and singer Diego Palomino, with its poignant lyrics and fun Cumbia rhythms and melodies, as well as his first solo CD "Tu amor, mi amor", "Andes Trance", volumes I and II, albums of Zampoña player and composer Antonio Flores, with a unique blend of instrumental pieces ranging from Andean to Celtic sounds and melodies and the latest addition to the catalog is" Un mago para Olvidarte" by songwriter and singer Christian Galve, a great collection of original romantic Latin ballads, with arrangements by Guillermo Bordarampe, are available now. 


Guillermo also just composed and recorded the soundtrack for the movie "Sebastian", directed by Carlos Ciurlizza.


We hope that this is the beginning of a long and warm relationship with all of you.







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